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Simone Dalla Bella
Magdalena Berkowska
Anita Bia³uñska
Jakub Sowiñski (lab manager)
Anna Gruber
Beata U³as
Dorota Cieœlik
Ilona Laskowska
Wersja polska

Music Performance & Brain Lab

     Simone Dalla Bella

Department of Cognitive Psychology
WSFiZ in Warsaw
Pawia Street 55
01-030 Warsaw 


+48 (22) 536-5408

sdallabella at

Current Position
Head of the Department of Cognitive Psychology
(from January 2011)
WSFiZ in Warsaw

Associate professor
Department of Cognitive Psychology
WSFiZ in Warsaw

Associate Member
BRAMS (International Laboratoratory for Brain, Music, and Sound Research;, Montreal (Canada)


2010 Polish Habilitation, Warsaw University
2002-2003 Post-doctoral training, Dept. of Psychology, Ohio-State University (Columbus, OH, USA), with Dr. Caroline Palmer
2001-2002 Post-doctoral training, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University (Montreal, Canada) with Dr. Tomas Paus and Institut Universitaire de Gériatrie de Montréal, University of Montreal (Montreal, Canada) with Dr. Isabelle Peretz
1997-2001 Ph.D. in Experimental Neuropsychology, Dept.of Psychology, University of Montreal (Montreal, Canada) with Dr. I. Peretz
1992-1997 M.A. cum laude in Experimental Psychology, Dept. of Psychology, University of Padua (Padua, Italy)
1983-1995 Conservatory of Music of Mantua (Italy), degree in interpretation (instrument: piano)


2009-2016 Major Collaborative Research Initiatives (MCRI) Grant (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) “Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing (AIRS): Development, Education and Well-Being” (Co-PI; PI: Prof. Annabel Cohen)
2009-2013 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) Grant from the European Commission (7th Framework Programme) “Europe, BRain and MUSic. New perspectives in stimulating cognitive and sensory processes” (Co-PI, PI: Prof. Emmanuel Bigand)
2009 European Science Foundation (ESF) Exploratory Workshop “Music and the brain: New perspectives for stimulating cognitive and sensory processes” (Co-convenor and local organizer; Convenors: Dr. Barbara Tillmann and Prof. Emmanuel Bigand)
2007-2009 Partenariat Hubert Curien - Polonium (French and Polish Ministry), Bilateral Cooperation Grant “Contribution of the basal ganglia and the cerebellum to sensorimotor synchronization” (with Prof. Séverine Samson and Dr. Nathalie Ehrlé)
2007-2009 Grammy Foundation Grant “Tone-deafness: evaluation and rehabilitation” (with Prof. Isabelle Peretz)
2005-2008 Polish Ministry of Science, (co-PI, PI: Dr. Peter Keller), “Synchronized coordination in the activity of group members”
2005-2007 International Reintegration Grant, 6th Network Program of the European Commission, (Principal Investigator), “Functional and neuronal underpinnings of synchronization to auditory stimuli”
2004-2007 KBN (Polish State Committee for Scientific Research), (co-PI, PI: Prof. Edward Jacek Gorzelañczyk), “Psychoacoustic, psychophysical and psychomotor assessment in Parkinson’s disease patients before and after stereotactic ablation of the basal ganglia”.


Teaching experience

Undergraduate courses
  • University of Montreal (in French)
    • Laboratory of Human Neuropsychology
  • Kazimierz Wielki University (Polish)
    • General Psychology
    • Neuropsychology
  • University of Finance and Management in Warsaw (Polish)
    • Introduction to Psychology
    • Cognitive Neuropsychology
    • Psychology of Music
  • Warsaw School of Social Psychology
    • Psychology of Music (Polish)
    • Oral presentation (English)
    • Technical writing in Psychology (English)
  • Warsaw University (English)
    • Lab in Psychophysics
    • Psychology of music
Graduate seminars
  • University of Montreal (in French)
    • Human cognitive neuropsychology
Post-graduate courses
  • Kazimierz Wielki University (Polish)
    • Speech perception and production from the perspective of Cognitive Neuropsychology
    • Developmental disorders of speech and music
      perception / production

Other Activities

Editorial/Reviewer activities
  • On the Editorial Board: Advances in Cognitive Psychology.
  • Ad-hoc reviewer for: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, Cognition, Brain, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Research, Perception & Psychophysics, Psychological Bulletin, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Frontiers in Developmental Psychology, Motivation and Emotion, Psychophysiology, Journal of the Neurological Sciences, Cognition and Emotion, Cortex, Brain and Cognition, Music Perception, Psychology of Music, Polskie Forum Psychologiczne.
  • Reviewer for Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), for the European Science Foundation (2009- ), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
  • Invited Editor, Volume on "The Neuroscience and Music III: Disorders and Plasticity", New York Academy of Sciences (2009).
  • Invited Editor (with William Forde Thompson, University of Toronto and Peter Keller, Max Planck Institute for Human, Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany), Special Issue on “Music Performance”, Advances in Cognitive Psychology (2006).
  • Invited Editor, Special Issue on “Psychology and Neuropsychology of Music”, Polskie Forum Psychologiczne (2004).

Organization activities
  • Co-organizer (with Barbara Pastuszek-Lipinska), Symposium “Where language and music meet in perception and performance”, in "40th Poznan Linguistic Meeting”, Gniezno (Poland), September 2-5, 2009.
  • Co-organizer (with Eckart Altenmueller), Symposium “Music performance: Disturbances and rehabilitation”, in "European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM)", Jyvaskyla (Finland), August 12-16, 2009.
  • Local organizer, ESF Exploratory Workshop “Music and the brain: New perspectives for stimulating cognitive and sensory processes”, Gdansk (Poland), July 2-5, 2009.
  • Co-organizer (with Steven Brown), Symposium “Normal and impaired singing”, in “The neurosciences and music – III”, Montreal (Canada), June 25-28, 2008.
  • Organizer, “Warsaw Workshop on Music and the Brain”, Warsaw (Poland), June 21-22, 2007.
  • Organizer, Symposium “The biological foundations of singing”, in “Third Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology", Tallinn (Estonia), August 15-19, 2007.
  • Member of the organization committee for the international conference “Kurt Lewin: contribution to contemporary Psychology”, Mogilno (Poland), 10-12 September, 2004.
  • Member of the organization committee for “Annual Meeting of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition”, Las Vegas (USA), 16-19 June, 2003. Chair for the “Music and emotions” session.

Ongoing collaborations

  • Emmanuel Bigand, University of Burgundy (Dijon, France)
  • Peter Keller, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (Leipzig, Germany)
  • Stephanie Khalfa, Université de la Méditerranée (Marseille, France)
  • Sonja Kotz, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (Leipzig, Germany)
  • Caroline Palmer, Department of Psychology, McGill University (Montreal, Canada)
  • Isabelle Peretz, Department of Psychology, University of Montreal (Montreal, Canada)
  • Peter PfordresherDepartment of Psychology, State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo (USA)
  • Severine Samson, Department of Psychology, University of Lille-III (Lille, France)
  • Adena Schachner, Dept. of Psychology, Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass., USA)
  • Daniele Schoen, Neuroscience Institute of the Mediterranean University (Marseille, France)
  • Lauren Stewart, Department of Psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London (UK)
  • Barbara Tillmann, CNRS-UMR 5020, Equipe Cognition Auditive et Psychoacoustique, Université Claude Bernard (Lyon, France)

Press coverage

  • European Science Foundation, 2009
  • Radio TOK FM (Poland), 2009
  • Scientific American (USA), 2008
  • CBC Radio (Canada), 2008
  • Live Science (USA), 2008
  • ASA press release (USA), 2008
  • Boston University, Center for Science and Medical Journalism
    (USA), 2006
  • Politiken (Denmark), 2006
  • American Psychological Association (APA) Monitor (USA), 2006
  • Forum (University of Montreal), 2002
  • Complexity Digest, 2001
  • Nature News Update, 2001
  • National Geographic – France, 2001
  • Radio de la Suisse Romande, 2001
  • CBC Radio, 1999
  • La Presse (Montreal), 1999
  • Forum (University of Montreal), 1999
  • Radio Canada, 1999
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